TheGastroHelper is an employer rating platform for the hospitality industry. Employees from kitchen and service can register and then anonymously register and rate a company. Whether restaurants, hotels, large snack or also McDonalds etc.

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The right information for your future

TheGastroHelper is a survey based employer reviews. By asking specific questions, everyone gets the information they need to successfully find a job. From hotel, restaurant, and motel everything can be entered and evaluated.

If you are applying in a hotels or restaurants, there are only a few sources of information available: Website of the hotel or restaurant, TripAdvisor or a direct call to the company. All questions are directed to the gastronomy. So you get the right employer review for your job search.

With every piece of information you give to the members of TheGastroHelper, you help another job seeker and yourself find the right jobs. Sign up and become a member of the community for more transparency in gastronomy.

Employer reviews from Kununu, Glassdoor or Jobvoting focus on all occupational groups. TheGastroHelper focuses only on gastronomy.

Questions that must be asked.

The whole operation is the core of the questions. They relate to staff rooms/apartments and their sanitary facilities. An important factor is to maintain contact with friends and families.

The most important first.

Only a well-fed worker is a good worker. Some employers forget this only too well, just so that they can earn from their workforce.

The staff eat and the staff room are important financial factors that in the end decide how much one has in the account. From the application to the start of the job, the costs for the applicant in the catering trade are high. If the conditions are not met by the employer, the applicant will have to pay a new fee.

Only service and kitchen

Service and cuisine are the core areas of every hotel and restaurant. They are firmly connected to each other and know exactly what is going on in each other's work areas.

What about housekeeping, reception and other work areas?

Departments like Housekeeping/ Maid, Reception or Allrounder are also welcome in Team TheGastroHelper. You can give us a lot of information about the whole operation, and see your own employer reviews.

The community is the information.

An information platform like TheGastroHelper can give you the opportunity to secure your right to freedom of expression. Many employers shamelessly exploit their employees because they know that only a few have the courage to speak out publicly about their problems.

TheGastroHelper will be an employer rating platform where everyone can express their opinion anonymously. With every hotels and restaurants rating you give important information to other applicants and help many employees to find a suitable job.

It's not all bad.

There are not only black sheep. Many hotels and restaurants have recognized the ravages of time. The employee is a figurehead for every business. An employee who feels comfortable stays longer in a company and saves the employer costs when looking for personnel. 

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Here begins your employer assessment

More information coming soon. How can you check your AHV and deposit my boss, all this you can check soon on TheGastroHelper.

You will soon find some help in this area if you are a career changer in gastronomy. From student to backpacker, everyone can look at TheGastroHelper tips on how to waitress.

TheGastroHelper helps you to find your job in the kitchen that suits you, employer evaluation TheGastroHelper offers the right information for every waiters hotel review once different. With TheGastroHelper you look deep, into the working environment of every restaurant and hotel, employer rating A restaurant rating from employees.